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Anodising & colour Anodising

Reeve Metal Finishing offer Sulphuric Acid Anodising and Coloured Anodising, electrolytic passivation processes which increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts, increase corrosion & wear resistance and provide stronger adhesion for glues and paint primers than bare metal:

  • Anodising offers various cosmetic effects, including thick porous coatings to absorb dyes or thin transparent coatings to create interference effects from reflected light.

  • Anodising protects aluminium alloys, prevents galling of threaded components and creates dielectric films for electrolytic capacitors.

  • Anodizing preserves the natural lustre, texture, and beauty of the metal itself with a coating which is hard-wearing, durable and non-peel.

  • Anodising seals the aluminium, protecting it against elements such as light & oxygen and can provide an attractive decorative finish in a range of colours.

  • Anodising offers corrosion resistance, wear/abrasion resistance and enhanced appearance.

Our state of the art Sulphuric Acid Anodising plants and Pre-treatment Plants deliver excellent consistency of coloured finishes, with reduced lead times and fast turnaround, utilising environmentally friendly water and energy saving methods.
Our extensive expertise in this field spans a vast range of products, including:

  • Etch Anodised, Bright Anodised, Colour Anodised or Sateen Anodised finishes

  • A full range of colours and shades are available.

  • Multi-Colour & Fade Technology.

  • Semi-hard Anodising – sealed with a hard wall seal for extra wear resistance.
Alocrom 1200 and Surtec 650 – a good corrosion resistant pre-treatment for paint also giving good electrical conductivity.
  • Metal lengths upto 2.8 metres - Etch silver and gold anodising
  • Metal lengths upto 2 metres - Bright silver, gold and black
  • Metal lengths upto 750 CM - Etch or bright anodising - BLUE | RED | ORANGE | PURPLE | GREEN

We do offer some colours in larger lenghts and would consider commissioning a dye on a customer request, please ask for more infromation.

Anodising Anodising
Anodising Anodising
Anodising Anodising
Anodising Anodising
Anodising Anodising
Anodising Anodising

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