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Reeve Metal Finishing offer Bright Zinc Plating and Corrosion Protection, supplying zinc nickel as a highly protective coating, primarily to the automotive and rail sectors. Our Zinc conversion coatings can also be applied to meet Military and Aerospace specifications.

Our process offers flexibility enabling us to deliver high volume, fast turnaround, uniform and consistent products around the clock:

  • The Bright Zinc Plating plants, VAT & BARREL are designed to deliver volume to our maximum component size of 2100mm x 900mm x 300mm or to handle the smallest of items and small batches.

  • We use the latest x-ray technology in controlling this process.

  • Up to 1,000 hours of salt spray corrosion resistance can be achieved.

  • This coating is tri-valent passivated and post treated with various seals and /or lubricants. Corrosion resistance from this process compares very favourably to cobalt zinc and in particular zinc & yellow passivate.

  • Further to Bright Zinc Plating a full range of Passivates – clear/blue, yellow, green/olive drab and black are available to suit your corrosion protection and decorative needs.

  • Stainless Steel Passivation - Passivation applies a transparent passive film to protect the stainless steel from corosion and oxidisation.

  • Tin Plating - Dull/Stannate Tin - Barrel & VAT plated, Our bright acid tim gives a bright pure tin deposit with excellent tarnish and corrosion resistance.

We specialise in Iron/Steel Castings or Forgings and our wide range of products also includes:

      • Steel pressings
      • Stampings
      • Turned parts
      • Fabrications
      • Wire forms
      • Tube manipulations
      • Zinc based die castings, etc

All Zinc & Tin processes are handled by J W Rudge & Co Ltd, which although also based at this site and working closely with us, is a separate legal entity.

Zinc Zinc
Zinc Zinc
Zinc Zinc



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